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Get answers about grants programs available through Hello Alice.

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Grant Recipient Announcements

  • 2022 Grant Recipients

    For a full list of all 2022 grant programs and recipients, check out the 2022 Small Business Grants in Review publication here! 2022 BGE Energizing Small Business (Round 2) 2022 eBay Up & Running ...

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  • 2023 Grant Recipients

    Check out our grant recipient announcements in 2023 below!  Stacy's Rise Project DoorDash Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund (Winter 2022)  Small Business Growth Fund (Round 4) BOSS Network & Sage In...

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2023 Grant Review Timeline

  • 2023 BGE Energizing Small Business Grant (Round 1)

    Application Closes: March 24, 2023 Application Review Period: March 27th - May 19th Recipient Tentative Announcement: June 2023 Unlike a business loan, grants are not automatically "approved" or "d...

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  • 2023 BOSS Network & Sage Invest In Progress

    Application Closes: February 24, 2023 Application Review Period: February 26th - March 19th Recipient Tentative Announcement: week of March 22, 2023  Check out the grant recipients announcement her...

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  • 2023 Democratizing the Friends and Family Round Grant

    Application Closes: March 3, 2023 Application Review Period: March 6th - April 10th Recipient Tentative Announcement: April 2023  Check out the grant recipients announcement here!Unlike a business ...

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  • 2023 DoorDash Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund (Spring)

    Application Closes: May 31, 2023 Application Review Period: June 1st - June 21st Recipient Tentative Announcement: July 2023 Unlike a business loan, grants are not automatically "approved" or "deni...

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  • 2023 DoorDash Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund (Summer)

    Application Closes: August 31, 2023 Application Review Period: September 1st - September 21st Recipient Tentative Announcement: October 2023 Unlike a business loan, grants are not automatically "ap...

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  • 2023 eBay Up & Running

    Application Closes: June 9, 2023 Application Review Period: June 12th - Sept. 14th  Recipient Tentative Announcement: week of September 25, 2023 Unlike a business loan, grants are not automatically...

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Grants - General FAQs

  • Are grants hosted on Hello Alice open to businesses outside of the U.S.?

    The specific qualifications for funding depend on the grant program. We recommend checking the terms and conditions of each program to see if you are eligible.

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  • Are nonprofits eligible for the grant?

    Unfortunately, nonprofits are not eligible for the grant programs on Hello Alice. We recommend consulting our COVID-19 Business Resource Center for the most up-to-date information and funding oppor...

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  • Are the grants hosted on Hello Alice loans? Do I have to pay them back?

    Grant programs on Hello Alice are not loans and do not have to be repaid. There is no cost to apply.

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  • Can I get feedback on my application?

    Our small team can’t offer individualized feedback, but we recommend reviewing this guide on how to put together a successful application and encourage you to apply for future programs. You can sub...

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  • Do taxes apply for grants I receive?

    Given the structure of the program, these payments are better classified as gifts. Gifts are not taxable to recipients, and we are unaware of any authority that requires reporting of gifts on Form ...

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  • How can I view my grant application in my Hello Alice account?

    When logged into your Hello Alice account, you can view your in-progress/saved applications as well as your submitted applications by following the steps below!  Web browser (computer or mobile dev...

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