Account Management

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  • How to Add a "Pay From" Account for my Small Business Mastercard

    To make a payment to your Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard from your Hello Alice account, you must have at least one bank account added as a "funding account". Once a funding account has been ...

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  • How to Make a Payment

    After you verify/link your card to your Hello Alice account via the dashboard widget, you can view and manage your Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard account summary information. Click here for ...

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  • How to Verify/Link Your Card to Your Hello Alice Account

    Once you receive your Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard, you will need to verify your card so it is linked to your Hello Alice account. 1. Login to your Hello Alice account  2. Click the Verify...

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  • What impact does closing my Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard have on my credit?

    We would not be able to directly speak to the impact at the individual user level as there are many contributing factors. However, we can share a link with you that will provide you more informatio...

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