Loan FAQs

Get answers about loans available through the Small Business Financing Marketplace.

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  • Are businesses outside of the U.S. eligible to apply?

    The Hello Alice small business loan is open for businesses in the United States and District of Columbia. Businesses in U.S. territories are not eligible to apply.  

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  • How can I apply for a Small Business Loan?

    How It Works:  Login to Hello Alice and visit the Small Business Loans Marketplace Apply for a Small Business Loan by answering some quick questions about your business and see if you qualify for ...

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  • How can I change my phone number for my loan application?

    If you need to update the phone number (or add an additional phone number) for a submitted small business loan application, you can do this by going to the Small Business Financing Marketplace and ...

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  • How can I contact my funding advisor?

    After your small business loan application has been submitted, your application will be assigned to a Funding Advisor for review. You can view the assigned Funding Advisor in the upper right corner...

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  • How can I view the status of my loan application?

    After submitting your small business loan application, the Small Business Financing Marketplace will update to show a widget where you can track your application status. If you have applied for a s...

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  • Is a hard or soft credit pull done when I apply?

    There is no hard or soft pull done at the time of application completion. Soft pulls are only done when certain underwriting activities occur.

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